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Nightfall: Chapter Five
Chapter 5
Flip and Grey are running down the street. Behind them, are about six soldiers from Lawrence and Roberts’s battalion chasing them. Flip and Grey continue running until they jump into an alley. They run to the end of the alley and look around and it's a dead end. They turn and see the soldiers at the entrance of the alley. "They just won’t quit!" Flip said turning to Grey.  
One hour earlier:
"Are you guys absolutely sure?" Brian asked. The three of them had just left a fast food restaurant and Flip and Grey told him. Back when they were waiting for the food. Flip and Grey were quietly talking about what to do. "Yeah, we appreciate what you've done." Grey was saying. "But, Grey and I were talking, and we think you should go back to the entrance of the city." Flip added. "We don't want to be wasting any more of your time with us while you have a city to defend." Grey finished.
"I really don't mind it, I could use the break. Brian told them but the
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Nightfall: Chapter Four
Chapter Four
In the middle of the empty room is a table. There is distinct chatter coming towards the room. The door opens and Flip and Grey are shoved into the room and the door gets slammed shut. "WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! LET US GO!" Flip yelled while jumping into the door since he was still handcuffed. Grey, meanwhile, walks to the table and sits down and watches his friend.
"THIS IS BULLSHIT MAN!" Flip yelled again, furiously kicking the door now. "Tucker, you've got to chill man." Grey said trying to calm Flip down. "AREN'T YOU PISSED OFF TOO!?" Flip said turning to Grey. "Yeah, but yelling and acting like a damn fool won't help anything." Grey said while Flip kicked the door one more time before coming to his senses and going to the table to sit down.
"We never got a chance to explain what happened." Flip said smacking his head onto the table. "Yeah, I know, but if this is what I think it is; it's an interrogation room." Grey said, looking around the room seeing the two way
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Nightfall: Chapter Three
Chapter Three
It's been a couple hours since the attack on their town. Flip and Grey are deep into the woods when they start to see the mountains. "Grey, it's starting to get dark." Flip said holding his shoulder after they climbed some rocks. "Yeah, we need to find somewhere for the night." Grey said as he looks at Flip's shoulder.  "We need to take care of that too." He said coming over to Flip and checking out the shoulder.
They walk to the edge of the rock to survey the scene. Flip jokingly suggests staying in a tree when Grey hits him on his non injured shoulder. "Ow, why'd you do that?" Grey laughs but ignores him as he sees not far from where they're at; what looked to be a cave. "Follow me." He said jumping down from the rock and heads to the direction of the cave. Flip jumped down and begins to follows.
Grey enters the cave and before Flip enters he stops. He gets an idea and begins to gather some stuff around the area then enters. The cave is small when Flip went
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Nightfall: Chapter Two
Chapter Two
After the first explosion, another erupted, that knocked Flip and Grey into a nearby building. Flip was sent through a window while Grey tumbled into the open doorway. As Flip rolled onto his side he instantly felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder. His hand recoiled as he let out a quiet "Ow!" The big piece of glass lodged in his shoulder had pricked his finger. Reaching for it again he avoided the edge and pulled it out. "This hurts like hell!" He groaned after it was out.
He looks at his shoulder and sees a big cut from the glass, luckily it wasn't bleeding everywhere. He tries to wipe away the blood but more kept coming. He makes a quick makeshift bandage out of his shirt. When that's taken care of, Flip looks around to find Grey and saw that he was already on his feet. Grey squints and spots a large group of soldiers closing the distance. As they're getting closer, Grey sees the figures heading towards them now when he notices an emblem on their uniform. "Ah Shi
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Nightfall: Chapter One
Chapter One
5 years later:
It's raining. The empty town is quiet and foggy. Coming by one of the town’s entrances, brings light as three figures are seen walking into the town. They seem to be heading towards a castle. The leader of the three is walking with the two guards on his left and right. They come to the town square where they are met by two people and their own battalions.
“Lord Black.” They said kneeling down as the three stop in front of them.
“Ah, Sir Lawrence and Sir Robert." The middle figure said, moving up to meet them. Lord Black glances at his generals. “I see your trip to the north was unsuccessful?” Black said with a tone of anger and annoyance.
“Please forgive us my lord.” Robert said but cowered when Black turned and looked at him.
“With us taking over the west coast and south areas of this miserable world, we had no luck finding the Chosen One in the northern areas." Robert said after being intim
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Nightfall: Prolouge
Long ago, during the time of knights of wizards, a pure evil stepped forth. There were some men who called him the Lord of Black; he however adopted it as Lord Black. Along with him were two others, his loyal generals; Sir Lawrence and Sir Robert.
His power was unmatched. He was able to build his army just with fear and intimidation. As he was building his army, the strongest Knights went out and tried to stop him. They fell one by one. Word went fast to the Kings the Knights served. The Kings decided to face Lord Black themselves. His power was too much for them and as a result, they were slaughtered.
The remaining kings that were still alive gathered for a meeting on what to do. There was much doubt and arguments between them, but an idea came when one of the Kings arrived late with a surprise. He opened the door and a wizard walked in. With much talking about what they had to do, the plan was set. All of the Kings gathered their most powerful wizards and their appren
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High Velocity 1 - Introduction *Edit*
(Flip's POV)
I was sitting there with Spike and Sky in the middle of Study Hall just talking when there was a knock at the classroom door. Everyone in the room looked when our teacher opened the door and I almost fell out of my seat when the most beautiful hedgehog I've ever seen walked in. Her skin was Pink, she wore a Red and Black T-Shirt with Black pants with an Orange belt and Orange accessories.
"Hey Flip, What's wrong?" Sky said when he saw my face looking puzzled.  Spike looked over at me when Sky asked that and he knew what I was thinking.
"I think someone might have a crush on the new girl." Was all Spike said after looking at me.
Damn you Spike! I thought. "I do not! I don't even know her yet!"  I said but he was right; I do have a crush on her.
When the teacher was walking to her desk with the pink hedgehog I saw her look around the classroom and she saw us watching her. I quickly went back to talking to Spike and Sky.
When the teacher was done talking t
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Last update was back in January when I posted chapter 5 of Nightfall. To give a quick update, I actually finished chapter 6 a week after I published chapter 5 but never got around to editing it. Then stuff happened and a lot of thinking/changes and I'm redoing everything from the beginning. 

So ive already rewritten the prologue, finished chapter 1 but currently changing some stuff around on it again to make it more clear then will continue all the way to chapter 6 before I start actually writing chapter 7. 

The changes mainly is I'm ditching the character povs I had planed because everyone that read it thought how I had it was to confusing so what I'm doing is just it's only in third person pov now. So I have to go through 6(5) chapters changing that stuff. Plus also writers block is a main cause too and being tired from working.........and playing Halo 5 and going back to Destiny after being away from that for two years. 

During this time I've actually started writing some stuff for the chapters at the end of the story and was having fun with that while also changing some of my characters stuff around too. 

But I promise to keep on this. 
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